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Democrats hoping Hillary Clinton can lie away their responsibility for Middle East attacks


The one constant about Hillary Clinton is that as a good Democrat, she has always been a good liar. Having learned her skills from her degenerate husband, how could she fail to improve her lying abilities over the years she has spent “standing by her man”?

Given the explosive events unfolding by the day in her “Arab Spring” world, Clinton’s skills are going to be put to the test for as far as the eye can see. Nevertheless, truth-phobic Democrats need not worry: Hillary is in charge of this cover-up. She knows how and what lies to feed the media cheerleading lap dogs who masquerade as the America media. The only question is: can the enormity of the facts overshadow her lies? Dead Ambassadors, burned American flags, shouts of “Obama we are all Osama”, and evacuated embassies may be too hard to smother, even for a Clinton.

Lie one: There is no connection between the “spontaneous” outbreaks of “freedom of speech” in Egypt, Libya, and the rest of the Middle East.

Truth:  The Muslin Brotherhood is behind all of this, and it is all aimed at growing enough strength to successfully erase Israel from the face of the earth.  Now that Clinton and Barack Obama have insured the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascension to control of Egypt and her modern military (stocked with American and European weapons), all they need is an endless supply of drooling halfwits willing to run toward flaming Israeli machine guns and cannons to complete the job. Now thanks to Clinton and Obama, the Brotherhood has more willing martyrs than Israel has bullets.

Lie two: The halfwits are angry over a movie. By spreading this lie, the Democrats and the media are trying to make us believe that the halfwits NEED a reason to attack American interests and threaten Israel. “If only that evil Coptic Christian had not made that movie, none of this would be happening”, goes that lie.

Truth: al Qaeda is telling the truth about these attacks. It is saying they are  retaliation for drone attacks that are killing their leaders and most importantly the killing of bin Laden (but Obama TOLD us al Qaeda was finished when HE killed bin Laden).

Now patriotic American bloggers are telling the world Hillary is scrubbing the State Department’s website of references that prove her lies. She was TOLD this was coming and did nothing. She gambled with American lives, and those Americans lost their lives.

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Photo Credit: US Embassy New Zealand (Creative Commons)

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