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Democrats are getting very nervous


Yesterday, I continued my sandwich board campaign at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in my hometown.  I have been there, mostly with another retired cop and fellow Marine, on Mondays and Fridays for the past 6 weeks, wearing a sandwich board with various messages. Over the weeks, I have been surprised to draw thumbs up smiles and “thank yous” from black females. Black females have often stopped and patiently read every word on our boards. They read statistics on unemployment, the January 2009 price of gas compared to today’s, and the “Are you better off now” question among many other messages.

Until now, I have seen white liberals grimace and blacks and Hispanics (men and women) as well as white women sometimes shake their heads and drop their eyes.

But I have had a black lady come up to me, read my messages, and say, “I prayed for guidance, and you are my answer.”

After the first presidential debate and again after the Vice Presidential debate, the pursed lips and grunts of “Obama” from worried Democrats increased. Last Friday, those grunts got louder and more frequent. A black man with a West Indian accent stood in front of me screaming, “Romney is a liar!” over and over again. All he accomplished was to help us draw a bigger crowd.  Yesterday, the anger and desperation on the Left was full blown.

My sign yesterday said “’Obama’s response to Libya has been sloppy sluggish and incoherent.’- David Gregory, NBC News October 19, 2012.” This sent the white male liberals over the edge. I was double-teamed by two snarky, empty-headed white male liberals firing questions and smugly congratulating themselves for yelling over my answers. They knew nothing about Libya, but KNEW that David Gregory and I were wrong.  While they were yelling, a black female moved two feet from my face and started chanting “Obama! Obama 2012”, and a crowd gathered around. It was wonderful because more people saw my sign. The police know me and knew I was in no need of rescue, so they let it go on.

So far since September 11 (our first day), we have displayed our messages to about 20,000 people.

I’ve done door-to-door campaigning for years and never reached more than a few hundred people in a week.  Now I’m reaching more people in one morning than a small army of volunteers reaches in a week.  This is fun; it is working and telling me that Obama will have some nasty surprises on Election Night.

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