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Democrats Are Getting Their “Change”; Obama Is Killing Them


Since the polls closed on Election Day 2008, the Democrats have been melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Today’s new Gallup poll holds sobering news for so-called “Party of the Little Guy.” The Democrats have lost their party registration edge over Republicans in 18 states since “Hope and Change” brought us a Marxist president intent on destroying America.

While that Democrat shrinkage was going on, increased Republican registration has given the GOP a new lead in 6 states.

Moving from 5 to 17 since 2008, states where Republicans now surpass Democrat registration have more than tripled.

Nationally at 32.5%, Democrat self-identification has fallen to the lowest level Rasmussen has ever seen.  Conversely, Republican self-identification has risen to 35.9%.

As Gallup explains the fragile condition that Barack Hussein Obama has put the Democrats in, there are now 15 “competitive” states up from ten when he won election in 2008.

Gallup uses huge samples to compile its data. It bases its sour news for Democrats on daily tracking polls that were gathered from interviews with over 350,000 respondents including at least 1000 interviews done in every state.

Virginia and North Carolina, both of which are states Obama carried in 2008, have been moved to Gallup’s “competitive” column, and events since point toward a decided Republican advantage in each.

In at least six states, the Democrat advantage has not done them much good.

The Democrats have a 4.4% advantage in Wisconsin; yet in 2010 the entire state government flipped to Republican control and remained as such even after a historic recall effort last year.

Michigan Republicans are at a 6.6% disadvantage in registration, but Michigan was restored to Republican control in 2010 as well.  West Virginia’s coal miner unions provide an “on paper” Democrat advantage, but West Virginia has not voted for a Democrat president since 1996.

In 2010, Ohio Democrats’ slight 1.3% edge did them little good in 2010 as the whole state government reverted to Republican control.

Even New Jersey’s 11.3% Democrat edge is somewhat illusionary. A late October PublicMind poll done in New Jersey found Obama’s approve/disapprove numbers upside down at 41/51.

The news is just all bad for the Democrats. This is our election to lose.

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