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Democrat platform attacks those who refuse to believe in their Global warming hoax


The Democrats couldn’t sell us Global warming and get us to sit by while they destroyed our economy and line their pockets with their sneaky Cap and Trade scheme. It seemed that every time their Champion of Fraud Al Gore scheduled a “Global Warming” rally in Washington, it snowed, so they had to retool. They thought that just changing the name of their hoax to the more pliable “Climate Change” would fool us; after all, like Barack Obama, it actually stood for nothing and everything all at the same time. Nevertheless, it still hasn’t worked.

Now they want to sell us these lies as “Environmental Justice” and make their hoax a part of “national security”.  The same Barack Obama who has sent money and support to the Islamist terrorists who are rampaging through the Middle East and threatening our ally Israel, the same Barack Obama who reassured the Russians he would be freer after his re-election – whatever that means- -is talking “national security” to sell us this hoax.

Notice that if it is too rainy, they are right; if it doesn’t rain enough, they are right; if an earthquake or hurricane comes to us, they are right; and if we don’t let them regulate everything, we’re evil, and they are right. This is the language the Democrats used to once again try to sell their hoax.

“The national security threat from climate change is real, urgent, and severe. The change wrought by a warming planet will lead to new conflicts over refugees and resources; new suffering from drought and famine; catastrophic natural disasters; and the degradation of vital ecosystems across the globe.”

The fact that more and more scientists, including top NASA scientist Roy Spencer, have declared the notion of man-made global warming a hoax means nothing to these people.

This didn’t stop the Democrats from directly attacking those who dare to call their secular sacrament a hoax. “Our opponents have moved so far to the right as to doubt the science of climate change, advocate the selling of our federal lands, and threaten to roll back environmental protections that safeguard public health. Their leaders deny the benefits of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts – benefits like job creation, health, and the prevention of tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. They ignore the jobs that are created by promoting outdoor recreation, cleaning up our air, and promoting a healthy environment.”

In case any halfwit reading their platform didn’t “get it” up to that point, they added a charge that climate change is discriminatory (blacks covered, CHECK) and disadvantages the poor (CHECK). These people are lunatics.

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