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Defenseless White Man Attacked By Black Teens, Dies



Last week, we got the agonizing news that a defenseless white man who had been beaten severely by a gang of six Black teenagers succumbed to his injuries and died. He was a living breathing person just as you and I. He was 46 year old Pat Mahaney.  He was walking on a public street not bothering anyone. His cowardly attackers charged at him from behind, and all SIX of them beat him. After the cowardly attack, Mr. Mahaney was so traumatized that he was afraid to go out of his home. He lived for another year but collapsed, first psychologically than physically, under the weight of living with his injuries and caring for his elderly mother.

The police in Cincinnati have called this a “boredom beating” perpetrated by a gang of black teenage boys seeking entertainment. Decent people ask if this was an isolated incident and why these boys would do such a thing out of boredom.

Hand-wrung apologies from “sagacious” social scientists aside, the answer is quite simply because they “felt like it.”

”Boredom beatings” are the natural extension of giving these people EVERYTHING. They are born in public hospitals; their teenage mothers and Baby Daddies pay nothing. They are taken home to public housing projects, live rent free, go to government schools where they pay nothing, and are taught to hate America (especially White America and that when one of them is killed by a would-be victim, it’s the victim’s fault.) They see white people not as their neighbors and fellow Americans, but as their oppressors.

They are fed free of charge three times day at government schools, given clothing, given free transportation to and from school, and promoted from grade to grade by their height and not their academic achievement.

They are fed at home with free Welfare and SNAP cards. When they get arrested, they get free lawyers. When they get pregnant or father a child, they often give the child to their 40 year old grandmother and roam away to impregnate or become pregnant again.

After all of this free stuff is delivered to their feet, they come to believe they are also entitled entertainment. When they realize their government cradle-to-grave package doesn’t include entertainment, beating defenseless white people to death becomes the recreational activity of choice for some – not all – but some of these people. To keep this cycle in motion, they sell their vote to their Democrat enablers every two years.  Any questions?

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