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“Death to America!”


“Death to America!” was a common chant heard throughout the Middle East this week as al-Qaeda- inspired mobs raided three American Embassies and murdered four Americans.


On Tuesday, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, protestors entered the U.S. embassy compound, tore down the American flag, and hung Al Qaeda’s flag in its place; yet the banner story from America’s media was an attempt to placate the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In addition, the press don’t want it to be known that the protestors were chanting “Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas,” while desecrating the American flag. Reports are breaking that the Ambassador ordered the Embassy Marines not to carry live ammo.


Our Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in a well-coordinated attack on the Consulate in Benghazi. The Ambassador’s movements and emergency locations were most likely leaked to the militants from disloyal members of Libya’s security. When the U.S. Marine Anti-Terrorism Reaction Team showed up to rescue the Ambassador, they were ambushed by the militants, and several were wounded. The attackers only retreated when fellow Libyans joined the fight. At the time of this writing, the attackers were being discussed as former members of Gadhafi’s security forces or al-Qaeda.

Other Places

Our embassy at Sanaa Yemen was attacked, leaving at least 15 people injured. Rent-a-mobs were protesting for the Western Press in Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and Israel.

State Department and the Intelligence Community

They failed, despite warnings from Egyptian intelligence and threats from al-Qaeda. In a memo issued by the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council there was “no credible information to suggest that al-Qa’ida or any other terrorist group is plotting any kind of attack overseas to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of September 11.”


Just revealed in the UK’s The Independent is that the State Department had credible intelligence 48 hours before these attacks but decided not to issue warnings to the Embassies. This cost American lives and is not only incompetent but criminal.


The reports of a YouTube video inspiring these coordinated actions is pure crap. These actions were planned in advanced, and the video story was a cover too easily repeated by the mind- numbed American Media as drivel for the ignorant masses. It is a lie, and they know it. Only Rush Limbaugh had the courage to tell America what it needed to hear: “The Al-Qaeda terrorist leaders, it’s not about a movie to them. It was 9/11. It’s the fact that they don’t like us, and there’s nothing new about it, and they don’t have to do anything except exist, to be the targets of these kinds of attacks.” Our presence as a Judeo-Christian nation offends many Muslims inside and outside of this country and is endorsed by the current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. To add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton is blaming the attacks on an internet video, thus insulting the intelligence of Americans who pay attention to what is going on.

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