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Our disease is sin, borne of evil, an evil resident in the human heart.  The only cure is the cleansing power of the God of love.  The godless land soon succumbs to the resulting plague, an epidemic brought by the death of conscience.

Consider Barack Obama.  He displays no remorse, shows no mercy, takes no responsibility, blames others, and proceeds in wrongdoing over and over, never apologizing or changing course. He is a man numbed to conviction.  His words and behaviors do not correspond, revealing a lack of integrity. Multiple failures resulting in the loss of life are no source of embarrassment or shame.  He appears the hollow man, emotionless, almost machine-like.

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When the chief executive personifies the death of conscience, witnessed in so many others in government, the epidemic has become pandemic, especially in view of 55 million unborn babies murdered without a second thought.

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