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There is no doubt these changes at the Pentagon are being directed from the top.

“The price of open homosexual service is to drive virtue, including the military virtues, further underground as deviancy is defined upward,” Reilly says in his book. “This is not an accidental effect or simply collateral damage; it was…the larger purpose of revoking the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The military was the last public bastion within the government for these virtues; so it became the target. It had to be made to kneel before moral abnormity. Men of honor had to be required to acquiesce publicly. Their fall represents the definitive triumph of the moral dystopia that has been eating its way through America’s institutions.”

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Referring to those service members who resign or are being dismissed because of their belief in traditional values, as well as those ruling out a military career because of the changes underway, he says, “The failure of many of those in public life, including senior military officers, to rally to the defense of these service members and their institution has a name: trahison des clercs. It is not an honorable one, but they have earned it.”

The French phrase “trahison des clercs” refers to the treason of the intellectuals.

It would be a shame if conservative voices in the media take part in the treachery, especially when there is evidence to believe that Dave Brat’s dramatic come-from-behind victory over Eric Cantor was based at least in part on staying true to the traditional values that made this country great, and made our military the best in the world.


This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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