By Mark Hemingway, National Review Online


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Photo Credit: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (Creative Commons)

As George W. Bush’s presidency wound down, it became obvious that a comedy crisis was looming. As you might recall, there was much media thumb-sucking over what America’s gag writers would do when they no longer had the tongue-tied Texan to kick around. To make matters worse for the comedy scribes, Bush’s eventual replacement was a well-spoken, walking civil-rights triumph who largely shared the entertainment industry’s liberal politics.

In a New York Times article last year somewhat incredulously titled “Want Obama in a Punch Line? First, Find a Joke,” the most influential political comedian in America admitted he was at a loss.

“We’re carrion birds,” Daily Show host Jon Stewart told the Times. “We’re sitting up there saying ‘Does he seem weak? Is he dehydrated yet? Let’s attack.’”

Photo Credit: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (Creative Commons)

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