Cowardice in Washington


Any time a political consultant writes an op-ed, first find out who is signing his paycheck so you can have a better-informed opinion of his opinion.

Last week Curt Anderson called in these pages for Todd Akin to get out of the Missouri Senate race for comments Akin made in a television interview last month. If you go to the website of Anderson’s company, OnMessage, you can see that his clients include the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), whose chairmen have called on Akin to get out of the race and are increasingly angry he has decided to press on.

So Anderson is hardly a disinterested observer. Nor is he saying anything new. He’s simply expressing a new version of the same old Beltway cowardice.

Anderson makes three arguments for Akin to get out of the race. The first two are that Akin’s comments were based on debunked medical theories and that they were insensitive and hurtful.

Akin doesn’t disagree, which is why he immediately apologized for his remarks and asked Missouri voters to forgive him for his thoughtless comments.

Read More at the Daily Caller. By Rick Tyler.


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