Cover-Up: Fast and Furious Documents Suddenly Sealed on Judge’s Orders


by Doug Book

The case file concerning the Fast and Furious-spawned murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has disappeared from federal court records.

According to the Arizona Star,  all of the case information gathered by federal prosecutors is now unavailable, “apparently sealed by a federal judge.”

“Our office is handling the case and can’t comment further,” said a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Diego.

The prosecution of illegal alien Manuel Osorio-Arellanes for the December 2010 Terry killing was originally to be handled by Phoenix U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke. But it was Burke’s office that meticulously directed the Arizona-based portion of the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation for Attorney General Eric Holder, advising Phoenix ATF Agent in Charge Bill Newell every step of the way in the “loss” of 2,000 firearms across the Mexican border.  When Burke resigned in a fit of panic as a result of the continuing investigation of his conspiratorial Fast and Furious misdeeds by the Grassley/Issa congressional committees,  the Terry case was transferred to San Diego.

And now the file is gone  along with every scrap of information it contained. How many key items,  how many records preserved in that file are certain to be removed and  “misplaced” by DOJ lackeys at the direction of Lanny Breuer, Attorney General Eric Holder’s personal Department of Justice toady? A third rifle has already disappeared from the murder scene, and three illegals known to have been armed while accompanying Osorio-Arellanes on the night of the killing have been deported,  charged only with immigration violations by the U.S. Immigration Service.

But the continuing saga of the Regime’s cover-up is not limited to the sudden disappearance of case files.

In 2010, ATF agents in El Paso, Texas, confiscated a number of firearms found to have been purchased via the now infamous Phoenix Fast and Furious network of FBI-financed straw buyers. But Phoenix ATF Group Supervisor David Voth and Field Agent Hope MacAllister,  known by El Paso to have engineered the sales while helping run Fast and Furious, refused to assist the Texas-based ATF office in the prosecution of the case. In fact, Phoenix ATF office head Bill Newell is reported to have called the El Paso ATF,  demanding they “stand down.”

This recalcitrance precipitated an El Paso-generated e-mail, threatening subpoenas for the Phoenix agent’s testimony just two days after the murder of Brian Terry. This e-mail is a story in itself which will be explored later this week on CoachIsRight.com when the remainder of the facts concerning its sender have come in.

But the question now is why? Why did the Phoenix ATF refuse to assist agents in Texas with their case? Was it some childish unwillingness to share in the glory of the capture, given that it was the Phoenix office that was responsible for the very existence of the firearm evidence?

Or was it the fact that these weapons were not supposed to have been taken by federal agents in the first place? After all, ATF and ICE agents had been ordered on numerous occasions to “stand down” and allow weapons to disappear across the Mexican border.  Had these El Paso agents unknowingly arrested gun-runners and interdicted the passage of firearms across the border against the wishes of Phoenix U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, Phoenix ATF head Bill Newell, and the Department of Justice itself?

Were the creators of Fast and Furious concerned that the prosecution of these men could lead to any number of questions which the Regime did not want raised, much less answered?

The Terrys lost a son, Brian’s wife lost a husband, and his children lost their father.  Yet the Obama Regime plays a game of political cover-up that will shield the guilty from any responsibility for his murder. And the rest of America watches quite helplessly as criminals enjoy federal assistance in the fracture of laws ostensibly designed to protect the public.

The next congressional hearing concerning Fast and Furious takes place on December 8th before the House Committee on Government Oversight. It is high time Republicans file charges against Regime operatives like Bill Newell, Dennis Burke, and Eric Holder. John Boehner must find his backbone and his voice!

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