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The Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s office did everything in its power to thwart the very filing of a legal appeal in  Weldon v Obama, the case in which Judge Michael Malihi ruled that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore eligible for the Georgia ballot.

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And the Superior Court itself has just dismissed plaintiff David Weldon’s appeal of that ruling.

The numerous questions surrounding Malihi’s February 3rd decision and the clear errors of law and procedure upon which it was based have been discussed by countless members of the new media.

And now Van Irion, head counsel for Liberty Legal Foundation (LLF) and the attorney who represented David Weldon in his lawsuit questioning Obama’s eligibilty before Judge Malihi, relates what has happened since the decision.

The story he tells of improper and illegal conduct on the part of the Superior Court arguably reveals a more blatant and callous disregard for the law and the rights of the American people than was displayed in the ruling itself.

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Irion relates that:

  • Malihi’s Georgia Court refuses to forward LLF’s Motion for Contempt against Obama to the Georgia Superior Court despite state law providing the Court no such discretion.
  • The Superior Court refused to respond to LLF’s letters on the matter, or demand the Malihi court forward the Motion.
  • The Superior Court Clerk initially refused to file LLF’s Appeal of Malihi’s ruling, relenting only after 48 solid hours of legal and procedural “education” on the part of Irion.
  • The Superior Court Clerk refused to file LLF’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction because a $1 filing fee had not been included. After HAND DELIVERY of $1, the Clerk then SAT ON the Motion for 10 days, finally claiming the $1 fee had been hand delivered to the “wrong staffer.” The Motion had to be completely re-filed. The Court itself refused to admonish the clerk.

And here is the clincher:

  • Obama filed a Motion to Dismiss LLF’s Appeal of the Malihi ruling and the Motion was FILED IMMEDIATELY by the Superior Court Clerk. Obviously no problem in the Clerk’s office with Mr. Obama’s paper work.
  • THREE DAYS after Obama’s Motion to Dismiss was filed, the Court informed Attorney Van Irion that he had LESS THAN 1 DAY to file an Opposition to that Motion; thoroughly improper behavior on the part of the Court.
  • Late that SAME DAY, the Chief Judge of the Superior Court denied Irion’s motion to be admitted as a visiting attorney (Irion practices in Tennessee) in spite of his impeccable reputation and the fact that his Georgia sponsor is a member of the Georgia State Legislature who has practiced before the Court! The Court had deliberately held up this particular decision for 2 weeks, effectively preventing LLF from filing the Opposition the Court had RULED only 6 hours earlier that LLF must file on that day! All of this represents unheard of behavior on the part of a court.
  • Finally, just 90 minutes after plaintiff David Weldon personally filed the Opposition–as the Court had prevented Irion and LLF from doing so–the Chief Judge issued a 3 page Opinion granting Obama’s Motion to Dismiss the LLF Appeal!

Incredibly, neither Judge Malihi nor the Secretary of State sent the Weldon v Obama case record to the Superior Court for review until AFTER the Court had ruled in Obama’s favor!  That means the Chief Judge agreed to Obama’s Motion to Dismiss an Appeal of a case the Judge NEVER READ!! This is the extent to which judicial corruption has replaced judicial review in the State of Georgia.

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