During Eric Holder’s December 8th testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Darrell Issa told the Attorney General that he faced contempt of congress charges for his continued stonewalling of document demands of House committee subpoenas, and Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner added that impeachment proceedings could be forthcoming.

But with near complete liberal ownership of the American media and the increasingly supple spine of House Speaker John Boehner, Holder continued to lie, distort and virtually make light of the Obama regime’s initiated death toll of Operation Fast and Furious.

Lying is a “state of mind,” Holder told Sensenbrenner when asked how  written “misstatements” made to congress in February by Assistant Attorney General Jim Weich concerning the deliberate walking of thousands of weapons across the Mexican border could possibly be construed as anything but outright lies. Speaking on behalf of the DOJ in response to inquiries made by Senator Charles Grassley, Weich had denied the ATF had allowed weapons to fall into the hands of drug cartel members.

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Yet it was a lie. It was a deliberate, outright lie as mounds of testimony and released documents make clear. But according to the hyper-arrogant, criminal head of the Department of Justice, lying is, after all, just a state of mind.

“Lying to Congress is a federal felony,” Sensenbrenner reminded the petulant Holder. And though the congressman didn’t directly accuse Holder himself of lying, he made it clear that continued evasion of the demands placed on the Attorney General for properly submitted documentation leading to an end to the DOJ cover-up would certainly be grounds for impeachment proceedings.

“Have you no shame,” Holder demanded of Darrell Issa when the congressman rightly compared him to Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell. Mitchell too claimed “privilege” to withhold information from congress on the part of the Department of Justice just as Holder has in his perpetual excuse that the “continuing investigation” launched by the AG himself into the criminal doings of Fast and Furious must take precedence over the document demands of the committees.

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But Issa shot right back, “have YOU no shame” to the unapologetic Holder. And the answer is no. Leftists never exhibit shame. Were it otherwise, they could not be leftists. Consider committee Democrats who, each in their turn made the incredible claim that gun legislation more abusive of the 2nd amendment rights of the American people would have somehow prevented the Obama regime from smuggling more than 2,000 weapons into the hands of the most dangerous people in the hemisphere.

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Charles Grassley, Congressmen Issa, Sensenbrenner and the many bloggers who refuse to allow the Fast and Furious cover-up to succeed, pressure is increasing on the Obama regime. It will not be long until the “right” regime functionary folds up and provides the inside scoop both congressional committees seek. And whether it be former US Attorney Dennis Burke, former ATF Agent in Charge Bill Newell or some other rat eager to save his own skin by deserting the sinking DOJ ship, even the legacy media will be forced to cover the resulting implosion.

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