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August 20, 2013 -TPATH -  Yesterday on his radio show, Mark Levin, the “Great One” as he has been tagged by his good pal and fellow Cromwellian chameleon, Sean Hannity, finally showed himself for the buffoon he is.  At a book signing, somewhere in the bowels of Red State New Jersey, the Constitutional expert, author of books and oratorical purveyor of all things conservative (well almost all things), Mr. Levin found himself being questioned by a real American.


And he did not like it.  Not one bit.  

In his ire and quite unintentionally, he let out a very interesting piece of information.  Its well known to all of us who have listened to Levin during the past few years that he holds in contempt anyone who would dare to question or confront him.  His dislike for Progressives and liberals appears to have taken a back seat to those scoundrels he bitterly and sarcastically calls“Birthers”.   We will instruct Mr. Levin as to just what a “birther” is a bit later and we will also teach the great one a bit about our Constitution and the history of its authorship.

Getting back to that interesting slip of the tongue.  After months of berating, belittling and banning callers who had the audacity to mention Obama’s ineligibility, this expert let it slip that he has “not really looked into it”.

What?  The guy we were all supposed to look to for law and constitutionality, the guy who has treated those that looked to him for support on this issue as pests and “one of those“, has not even taken the time to “look into it”?  That, to me, says it all.  It appears he does not want to know or he is too scared to find out.  Either way, you Mark Levin, this time you have done it for me.  I’ll never tune you in again.  You sir, are either a hypocrite or a coward. But most likely both.

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Photo Credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons)

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