Conspiracy VS Reality


For those of you trying to convince difficult-to-budge people who are turned off by flowery language and aggressive accusations, I submit the following, brief summary of Precious Metals fundamentals and the nefarious forces aiming to undermine the natural forces of economic Mother Nature by suppressing their prices.

For the past 6,000 years, gold has been universally utilized as money, while all fiat currency systems have since failed. Few people realize the U.S. itself has already lost two currencies to hyperinflation: the Continental during the Revolutionary War and the Confederate dollar during the Civil War. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln’s “Greenback” dollar was on its way to hyperinflation when the Civil War ended – in other words, with another year or two of war, it, too, likely would have been destroyed.

If the Federal Reserve, ECB, BOE, BOJ, and PBOC were constrained by gold standards, as was the case with all successful currency regimes throughout history, none would have been able to print trillions of un-backed dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, or Yuan, respectively, thus avoiding the catastrophic global debt contagion seen today. When Nixon abandoned the U.S. gold standard in August 1971, it represented the first time in history that not a single nation had a gold-backed currency. In my view, this global “fiat standard” is the direct cause of the current financial crisis, which I expect will continue for many years to come.

Since 2002, I have advocated the purchase of gold and silver as protection against the inflationary monetary policies of the world’s Central Banks. Understandably, my message is not always well-received, as it suggests further devaluation of the dollar. However, based on the lessons of history and the conclusions of my research, gold and silver are the best hedges against inflationary monetary policies. Consequently, it is no coincidence the current gold bull market commenced in 2000, simultaneous with the end of the dollar’s multi-decade bull market, in terms of both PAPER currencies, as depicted by the “U.S. dollar index…

…and REAL money, i.e. PHYSICAL gold…

Despite propaganda to the contrary, created by bankers and politicians seeking to control your lives, and assets, via immoral, mathematical impossible confidence-based currency systems, an immutable fact of human existence is that gold is money. This is the dark secret of Central Bankers, who utilize all available means to hinder the public from realizing this time-tested truth. J.P. Morgan himself, testifying to Congress in 1912, stated “Gold is money, everything else is credit,” while Alan Greenspan, the most notorious monetary inflationist in history, at one point vociferously advocated these same principles, particularly in his 1966 treatise “Gold and Economic Freedom.” Here are some of the more famous quotes from this piece:

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.



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