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Good day, fellow Americans. As we get closer to Election Day in November, a lot of you are wondering who you should vote for. The majority of Republicans are all ready to fall in line and vote for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. The majority of Democrats are ready to fall in line and back the current President, Barack Obama.

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Most people aren’t happy with either candidate, but with Obama’s failed policies, many are ready to vote for Mitt Romney despite his record as governor. There are others who oppose Romney out of sheer spite for the Republican Party and are ready to vote for Barack Obama, perhaps not realizing that the two candidates share the exact same views. Considering all this, what are we all to do? Well, fear not; there is a 3rd option in this republic.

Most people aren’t aware of candidates’ voting records. They look right past them. All they see is what is on TV, and that is usually a guy in a fancy suit and tie with a big white pearly smile representing their so-called party and making promises of change, jobs, and economic recovery while telling the people how much of a wasteful spender the other guy is. They never get down to the real issues and never state how they are going to create that change. They just promise it.

Well, I promise everybody here a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean I have it, and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re going to get it. In fact, I believe what I’ve just done here is called “lying”, which is something you see in both parties, not just one or the other. They each have voting records to prove it.

If you were paying attention to the Republican debates earlier this year, you’d have clearly seen that Romney has admitted he supported the TARP Bailout, and he would have signed the NDAA as it stood. Not to mention Romney also has intentions to put tougher sanctions on Iran, a country that hasn’t attacked ANYBODY in over 200 years and send more money to foreign countries who are rallying against us, just as Obama and his Administration have done. So, where is the difference in these two candidates? The only arguments I’ve heard are that Romney is too rich and won’t release his tax returns, and Obama is a foreigner who refuses to release his birth certificate and various other forms of identification. Is this really enough of an argument to make anybody want to vote for these candidates? These seem to be junior high school debates! Hopefully not, and if not, then it’s time to look into another choice. Don’t simply throw your arms up in the air and scream “I’m not voting this year!”, or worse, “I’ll vote for the lesser of 2 evils.” They are both equally evil in this aspect.

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So, who is this 3rd choice candidate I speak of? Well, his name is none other than Gary Johnson, the candidate for the Libertarian Party and a defender of the Constitution. Gary Johnson is working tirelessly to get into the national debates with Obama and Romney, with his name already on the ballot in 47 states. However, every corner he turns, the Republican Party is there to try and snub out Gary Johnson. Why? The answer is simple. Gary stands for the real change we all hope for.

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