Conservatives in Hollywood: A real underdog story


Liberal politicians like to contend that their policies stand for the “little guy”, though most on the right recognize this as mere lip service as they continue to push for legislation that would negatively impact everyone (including the “little guy”) except for them and their legislative cohorts. One underdog group the left has absolutely no problem vilifying is made up of Hollywood conservatives.

Some may not know that this sector of the entertainment industry exists. Others know of a few rare cases including Jon Voight, who recently spoke out in defense of his potential son-in-law’s mother, Jane Pitt, after she wrote a letter to the editor criticizing Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, right-of-center individuals are a rarity among the Hollywood elite, leading many insiders to celebrate or decry the fact, depending on their viewpoint, that there is an active blacklist against them.

One might think that because of the heavy-handed liberalism with which Obama is handling this country, Hollywood conservatives would retreat further underground in order to avoid backlash against their political affiliation. Fortunately, some are using his presidency as a springboard to voice their opposition.

Gerald Molen, who won an Academy Award for his production work on “Schindler’s List,” recently announced he is a conservative proudly working on a documentary with well-known political writer Dinesh D’Souza, which promises to expose many of Obama’s radical influences. Sure, he was in his late 70s when he felt he could make the announcement, but, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Robert Downey Jr., sometimes issue a vague embrace of conservatism, though supporting right-wing policies outright would likely impact their future in the business negatively.

Others, Voight included, seem to worry little about what others think of their unabashed conservative views. Voight appeared alongside other right-leaning actors in “An American Carol,” which expertly lambasted and exposed the left’s destructive impact on American ideals. The film wasn’t very successful, judging by ticket sales, but I have to imagine that was never the primary intent. Merely producing a major motion picture with an identifiable conservative message is almost unheard of in today’s environment.

It takes absolutely no effort to find a movie espousing leftist agendas, though, and even kids movies aren’t immune. As is the case with most on the left, indoctrinating children is the easiest way to ensure that a significant segment of the next generation will blindly accept the propaganda as fact. This makes me concerned that more and more films aimed at children will contain anti-American messages.

Kelsey Grammer, whose decades-long portrayal of TV’s Frasier Crane I consider to be one of the greatest characters brought to the small screen, is proudly conservative, as is Patricia Heaton, known for portraying unique characters on the hit shows “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Middle.” For a brief period in the middle of the last decade, these two were the costars of the prime time sitcom “Back to You.” I applaud the executives behind that show for taking a chance in casting two conservatives to headline a prime time series, though they must have known the project was doomed from the beginning.

There are those actors (Gary Sinise, for instance) who show great support for U.S. military efforts and stand strong for American interests. Still, when leftist windbags like Matt Damon, George Clooney, and countless others spew their idiotic opinions, and news agencies treat it as gospel, it’s hard to imagine that any other type of person could survive in Hollywood.

Patriotic Americans used to be the norm among actors, but that practice has changed dramatically. Some actors with conservative views, like Dennis Miller, find second careers in more welcoming fields. The fact is that Hollywood (and other fields dominated by liberal thought) needs an infusion of young conservatives to help change its face.

It’s a shame that lists of the most conservative Hollywood stars are comprised mainly of individuals from generations past.

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