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Conservative Fury at Rove Erupts


Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)


Talk about a political disaster.

The other day I closed a piece on Karl Rove by saying that in launching what he called the “Conservative Victory Project” Mr. Rove had made a big mistake.

A really big mistake.

The group, described here in the New York Times as “intended to counter other organizations that have helped defeat establishment Republican candidates over the last two election cycles,” has had a horrific reception among conservatives


Yesterday the big mistake became bigger. Much bigger. A thunderstorm became Katrina.

Yesterday, American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio went on Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall show hosted by Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor.

And among other things casually dismissed Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Center as a “hater” — and worse.

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Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)


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