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Why Most “Conservative” Commentators Are Fools Or Cowards


After seeing the mountain of evidence on the subject, it is very clear that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii and is a fake. Did you hear that, snarky media people? Nobody over ten believes this phony twerp was born in Hawaii. Those who publicly say they believe Obama’s birth certificate and biography are real simpletons who are hoping to have the liberal alligator eat someone else first.

Their cowardice doesn’t make them bad people, but their snarky swipes at those of us who understand that two and two has always been four and will never change make them despicable.

The truth is staring all of us in the face, and those who pretend to “take the president at his word”, regardless of their political allegiance, are way past annoying. They are insulting to our intelligence. Listening to (or reading) “conservative” commentators talk about this issue demands a response.

I am sick of hearing these people talk endlessly about Obama’s questionable nativity, then offering new evidence of Obama’s fraudulent persona, then patting themselves on the back with assurances like “Well I personally believe the president was born in Hawaii, but now let’s talk about what my next guest has uncovered.”

The Pontius Pilate act won’t work anymore. Nevertheless, not content to hide behind slick double talk allowing them to deny there is anything to the charge against Obama, while using it for ratings, these people so often go a step further. They talk as if those of us who actually have enough sense to be able to pour water out of a boot are toothless drooling halfwits.

If these phony “conservatives” really believe Obama was born in Hawaii, they are guilty of a grave disservice to him and all of us. Repeating what they “KNOW” to be a “terrible lie” is disgusting.  If they really believe Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate, isn’t helping to perpetuate this charge almost treasonous?

How can they mock us for recognizing the “king has no clothes” from one side of their mouths and continue to talk about the questions surrounding Obama’s birth from the other? Who’s being phony here?

Obama’s claim to having been born in Hawaii is as hilarious as Saturday Night Live’s Cone Heads insisting “We are from France.”  Those who say otherwise are fools, liars or – in the case of our conservative commentators – cowards.

Remember the “Nuts and Sluts” counter attack from Clinton when the evidence he is a moral degenerate built up? If a woman made an accusation, she was a “slut.” If a man did, he was a “Nut.” The only difference between then and now is that today, the Democrats have feckless “conservative” commentators to help them belittle those who see the truth and speak it.

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