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Lois Lerner Could Be Thrown In Jail In A Matter Of Days

Lerner, who was charged with contempt of Congress...


As the current legislative session winds down, Texas Rep. Steve Stockman has one specific issue to tackle before the upcoming recess. During a recent interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg, he indicated that he will put the proposition of arresting former IRS official Lois Lerner to a congressional vote.
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Lerner, who was charged with contempt of Congress for her obstruction during questioning about her role in the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, made headlines again Wednesday when an email surfaced in which she called conservatives “a—holes” and “crazies.”

“My contention is if you charge someone with contempt and you don’t take action, the contempt citation is meaningless,” Stockman explained.

He acknowledged that support for his proposition varies greatly throughout the chamber; however, he suggested that a thorough review of her actions during the investigation might convince some detractors to change their opinion.

“I would challenge any Democrat or Republican to defend Lois Lerner’s actions,” he said; “and if you don’t vote to uphold a contempt charge and make her accountable then my question is are you advocating the behavior which she has displayed?”

Stockman said he has gotten some significant support from many of his colleagues already.

“They said some things about ‘Jail a word that rhymes with witch’ to me several times,” he said, “so some people are very adamant about it and other people are less.”

As for where she might serve her time, he concluded that “everybody jokes about having her serve here in the House,” though he noted that his request “is that we just put her in a local institution somewhere in D.C.”

He described Lerner as someone who has shown “total disrespect for Congress” throughout the inquiry.

“She has been insolent,” he said. “She is in no way compliant. She declared her Fifth Amendment right and then went ahead and talked.”

Stockman also touched on the possibility of impeaching Obama, which he said would likely just play right into the administration’s plan.

Although he confirmed that Obama has committed impeachable offenses while in office, he asserted that the president is “begging to be impeached so he can raise money and recruit volunteers.”

According to Stockman, Obama and his supporters are trying to “encourage people like myself who feel he’s violated the law to do just that.”

In any case, with just 12 legislative days left in the session as of his interview, Stockman doesn’t think that impeachment proceedings are a feasible pursuit prior to the upcoming midterm elections.


Photo Credit: Facebook/Lois Lerner


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