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Colorado Shooter ID’d as Part of Occupy New York


Nationally-known private investigator Bill Warner was the first to connect Colorado massacre shooter James Holmes to the Occupy Black Bloc group, citing the similarities and MO of the anarchistic group to Holmes.

A photo from October 2011 has now surfaced of an Occupy New York protester being carried away by police that appears to be James Holmes. A private investigator from Kellerman Investigations has named the protester in this photo as being Holmes, and a website called Godlike Productions has a post where facial recognition software was used, comparing the photo from 2011 with Holmes’ “Joker” photo posted days before the massacre on his “Adult Friend” profile.

If indeed Holmes is part of the Occupy movement, and specifically the Occupy Black Bloc group—which is basically a clone of Obama crony Bill Ayers’ Weathermen group—then Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the whole of the Mainstream Media have a lot of explaining to do. Why? Because while they were all praising and extolling the Occupy movement, the Black Bloc group was rioting, destroying private property, and planning to set bombs.

What do they expect? A group that identifies themselves as anarchists? The President of the United States praising and extolling them? What does he think is going to happen when an Occupier with a screw loose joins with an anarchist group?

More to the point, however, is that the Occupy movement is nothing more than the Left’s army of “anti-war” protesters that was used as a Saul Alinsky tactic to get the Left—specifically Obama—into power, which then was miraculously “fundamentally transformed” into the Occupy movement.

Is Barack Hussein Obama the original “Occupier,” being part of the phony “anti-war” movement and thus directly connected to a group James Holmes was a member of (and thus partially responsible for the Colorado massacre?)

Perhaps that is going too far.

Perhaps not.


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