CNN Encourages Gay Activist to Fight Boy Scouts


Once again CNN is cheerleading the fight for gay rights, this time within the Boy Scouts. An effusive Starting Point panel welcomed gay activist Zach Wahls on Wednesday and celebrated his cause of pushing the Boy Scouts towards acceptance of openly-gay scouts and leaders.

Wahls is no stranger to CNN, as back in May he was lauded as a “very powerful” activist during a soft interview. On Wednesday, the CNN panel oozed admiration for him. “I’m a big fan. I’ve followed you for a little while,” Starting Point regular Margaret Hoover told him. “You’re a wonderful spokesman for the effort for equality.”

“He’s done great work, Zach Wahls,” raved gay rights advocate and Democratic strategist Richard Socarides, who was simply announced by CNN as a writer for Anchor Soleded O’Brien agreed with him that “Yeah, he [Wahls] certainly has.”

Read More at Media Research Center. By Matt Hadro.


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