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CNN’s ratings plummeted in May and CEO Phil Kent admitted to being ‘very unhappy’ with its primetime ratings but said it won’t resort to tricks to increase viewership, but as he spoke to reporters, CNN had already resorted to tricks hoping to increase viewership by reposting a 2010 Anderson Cooper 360 segment entitled, “Busting the Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy” amid the latest firestorm of questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s background.

It is no wonder that Americans have lost faith in traditional media and turned to alternative news sources. Even FOX News, so called “fair and balanced,” is losing viewers due to ‘filtering’ information about our government and especially the current resident of the White House. But it isn’t just being filtered it is outright propaganda.

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I met Robert J. Groden, Photographic Consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations and Technical Advisor to Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” the day after I spoke at the Constitutional Elections Summit in Dallas. Mr. Groden has debunked much of what is in the Warren Report but most Americans still believe the government’s official report. We agreed that there is a cover up of massive proportions going on regarding Obama’s background. He told me the CIA controls the press and showed me a copy of a CIA Dispatch which gives instruction on how to “employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of critics…”

As a nationally recognized authority on the eligibility ‘birther’ issue, I found enjoyment debunking the AC 360 story especially the part where they show a microfilm copy they claim Obama released more than four years ago and they thought we were so stupid we wouldn’t notice that it’s not even his. At the 1 minute 22 second point in the CNN video they show a negative copy of a birth certificate they claim Obama “released four years ago,” but by ‘freeze framing’ and closer inspection it is obvious that it is not an image of the now proven forgery that was presented during a White House press conference on April 27, 2011, and posted on

It is very easy to discern differences on the length and placement of data but most damning is the certificate numbers of the images. Since Obama ‘owns’ the forged copy number 151 61 10641 he has some explaining to do as to why CNN is using a birth certificate numbered 151 60 05009. But that may not happen because the average person, upon viewing the CNN report, would never suspect that the news giant would be feeding them propaganda. That’s how powerful the CIA controlled media is. Fact in point is the near total blackout of the press conference held in Maricopa County, AZ where Sheriff Joe Arpaio reported that the image posted on the White House website is a forgery. Yes, a forgery. Mainstream media spews propaganda to cover for the most powerful man on earth and censors any dialog of his dubious background.

The following excerpts from the CIA memo RE: Project “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report” are obviously interchangeable and applies directly to the ongoing project countering criticism of ‘birthers.’

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