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Though MSNBC has taken over as the most outrageously ideological news organization on television, CNN apparently wants viewers to know it is still in the race. A recent report from anchor Carol Costello illustrates how out of touch the original cable news network can be.

Concentrating on Hallmark’s decision to revamp a classic Christmas carol line for one of this year’s ornaments, Costello made a tremendous leap by accusing the company of being homophobic.

On its “Holiday Sweater” decoration, the greeting card giant included the phrase “Don we now our FUN apparel,” replacing the word “gay” originally included in the Christmas carol “Deck the Halls.”

“Oh Hallmark,” Costello chided, “you didn’t. Oh, wait, you did.”

While the retailer explained it merely wanted to avoid any miscommunication, since the word “gay” currently has “multiple meanings,” Costello could not resist making connections that simply do not exist.

“Homophobic?” she asked. “I say, ‘Yes you are.’”

Costello, who has a record of bashing those she feels are not adequately supportive of the gay lifestyle, continues to grasp at straws in identifying homophobic bogeymen.

Considering the fact that homosexuals long ago hijacked the original meaning of the word, Hallmark was in a lose-lose situation in deciding how to adorn the ornament. The company, which introduced same-sex marriage cards more than four years ago, is being denigrated by an anchor ruled by her own worldview.

In the real world, most Americans would be more upset with Hallmark for replacing the word “Christmas” with “Holiday” in the ornament’s name than for switching one word out with its synonym to avoid confusion.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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