CNN Again Features Obama Campaign Propaganda, Hypes Clinton’s Support of President


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer once again aired Obama campaign propaganda by playing a clip of Bill Clinton praising the President, from an Obama campaign film to be released soon. Last Thursday Blitzer had aired two whole minutes of footage from the film’s trailer, and he referred back to the film on Monday afternoon’s The Situation Room.

Blitzer asked if Clinton stumping for Obama in swing states wouldn’t “dramatically” aid the President. Of course, what also wouldn’t hurt the President is the free advertising he receives by CNN airing his re-election message.

The CNN host thought that former President Clinton would pick up support from certain swing states, some of which would fall under the blue-collar category. Clinton’s net worth, global travels, and lucrative speaking engagements might challenge the assumption of many that he is very much in touch with residents of states like Ohio and Michigan.

Blitzer hailed the campaign film as “very slick” and noted the “nice clip” of Clinton praising Obama.

“I think it’s fair, David – and I think you’ll agree – that if Bill Clinton is actively out there campaigning on a day-to-day basis, or several times a week, in Ohio, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan and Florida – a lot of these battleground states – that will dramatically help the President,” Blitzer mused to faux-conservative David Frum, who agreed with him.

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