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Cindy Sheehan’s Organization Says, Impeach Obama


A national political organization has joined the growing list of those calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama, citing the separation of powers and Obama’s unconstitutional usurpation of powers. Among its grounds for impeachment is a sentence that could have been written by any small government Jeffersonian: “Obama’s unprovoked assault on Libya is where we need to draw the line on executive overreach.”

The group is not Campaign for Liberty, the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign, or the Ludwig von Mises Institute. It is Voters for Peace, a left-wing antiwar association founded in 2006. Its Project Board includes Cindy Sheehan, Col. Ann Wright, and a member of the United for Peace and Justice steering committee. All became minor celebrities opposing the Bush administration’s foreign policy.

The militant radicals have asked their followers to send an e-mail to Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Many of our readers will be less sympathetic with the other four “impeachable offenses” listed:

1) Ordering military attacks on sovereign nations without Congressional authorization.

2) Issuing Executive Orders for the extra-judicial assassination of U.S. citizens in violation of guarantees of due process.

3) Presiding over military, paramilitary and intelligence service use of torture in violation of prohibitions against cruel & unusual treatment.

4) Ordering and attempting to assassinate foreign heads of state.

5) Obstructing justice by failing or refusing to investigate credible allegations of torture brought against the previous administration.

The form e-mail concludes, “Regrettably, the items listed above comprise a compelling argument for impeaching President Obama.”

This may represent the revival of an independent antiwar movement. Tensions have simmered between Obama and open radicals for months, with those on the far-Left outraged he has not kept his promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Thus far, the e-mail is one of the few signs of the movement’s continued vitality. The far-Left’s decline has come so swiftly that Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin recently took to Salon.com to write a piece entitled “The Antiwar Movement Isn’t Dead.” (As Margaret Thatcher once quipped about power and feminine dignity, if you have to say you have it, you don’t.) Benjamin acknowledged left-wing groups such as hers have been “dumped in the media’s black hole” since 2009, in part because they have shifted away from tactics such as “marching in circles and chanting slogans to ourselves.”

The new, low-key approach has led many to ask where the Left is now that the Nobel Peace Prize winner-in-chief has launched a unilateral war without Congressional authorization.

To be fair, Benjamin’s organizations are protesting, even marching against the war in Libya — it’s just that no one is showing up. Medea has admitted her anti-Libyan march “got maybe 2,000 people out at the most. We used be be able to mobilize tens of thousands of people…we don’t have the same numbers anymore.”

However, she and her cohorts are keeping the radical faith. In fact, this is not the first time Cindy Sheehan has endorsed impeaching Barack Obama.

Last July, she penned a column commending the Central Florida chapter of Veterans for Peace “for its integrity and vision for peace” demonstrated by its call to impeach the 44th president.

Sheehan last made headlines a month later, when she responded to then-White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ comment that the “professional Left…ought to be drug-tested” by challenging him to a “pee-off.” She added, “the same foreign policies have continued, if not worsened during the tenure of the Obama administration.”

“I actually think supporters of Obama should be tested for ‘Hopium’ in their urine, myself,” she quipped.

Nor is Sheehan the only spokesperson on the Left to press for impeachment. Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and the website Firedoglake have all said Obama’s actions merit at least the threat of conviction and expulsion from office.

The question is not where the radical Left has been; the true believers have manned the barricades under Republicans and Democrats alike. The question is: Where are the tens of thousands of ideologically pure fellow travelers who swelled their ranks during the Bush administration? And where is the media coverage of their revolt against Obama?

During the George W. Bush administration — when they were cavorting with pro-jihad Iraqi politicians and flashing the peace sign with Hugo Chavez — the media regarded all of these figures as “absolute” moral authorities. Sheehan was the grieving mother of a virgin sacrifice, Wright the patriotic veteran, and United for Peace and Justice the vox populi of a reborn “peace” movement.

Now they have trained their ire upon Barack Hussein Obama and have officially become non-persons.

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