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New Audio From Rev. Wright’s Shocking Interview With Obama Book Author


Ed Klein says Wright was “very quiet, very polite, very measured” during their interview
Of the Obamas, Wright said, ”Church is not their thing. It was never their thing.”
Wright claims Clinton campaign may have been paying black pastors to disparage him
He says his words have been “misused and taken out of context”
Reverend alleges that Obama changed dramatically once he became president

Edward Klein’s new book, “The Amateur,” an unauthorized biography of President Barack Obama, makes some startling and intriguing claims. From former President Bill Clinton calling Obama an “amateur” to Rev. Jeremiah Wright alleging that he was offered hush money, the book is full of political surprises. Earlier this week, Klein gave Fox News’ Sean Hannity the three-hour recording of his discussion with Wright. The Blaze also obtained some copies of the recordings. We are currently working to obtain the raw, three-hour interview audio.

The audio clips appear to showcase a man — despite his intense rhetoric — who seems genuinely saddened by his deteriorated relationship with Obama. Wright, contrary to past videos and speeches, seems calm and collected as he recounts his personal experiences over the past few years.

“It wasn’t what I expected to tell you the truth because the guy who I met did not look like the guy on the videotapes,” Klein told Hannity of his time with Wright. “He was very quiet, very polite, very measured, and talked about his academic credentials, very proud of the fact that he had a Ph.D., and answered all my questions…there was no sense that this guy could go off the deep end.”

Read More at The Blaze. By Billy Hallowell.


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