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Shared economic sacrifice must eventually give way to statism, a system of rule in which the federal government has full authority to determine and administer an equal distribution of wealth (based on the projected needs of the people and the availability of confiscated resources.)

5. Personal gratification (a worship of the sensual self) and state loyalty (reverence to the greater earthly authority) are the two greatest virtues. All former faiths must be made superfluous (and take a back seat to our true secular purpose, as designed by the utopian gods, for the sake of all that is progressive.)

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* Most importantly, the liberal zealot must never question the motives and integrity of those placed in authority. The secular authorities may only be mentioned in the context of praise, worship, and gratitude. Criticism and condescension will in nowise be tolerated.

These authorities will make things right once and for all. Do not worry over the methods applied and what it will mean to the future of a free society. Ultimately, they have your best interests at heart. Just remember, equality in bondage is preferable to a free, yet unequally yoked, society.

Regardless, a liberal paradise is just around the corner. The glorification of the liberal is at hand, a spiritual coup! The promise of a new world! A changing of the gods from the Judeo-Christian God to a smooth talking, liberal messiah.

This messiah has many gifts, like speaking in forked tongues. He may not be omniscient, but he has an almost miraculous capacity for unknowingness (especially when it comes to the doings, comings, and goings of his own administration). Falling just short of omnipresence, he can be readily found at a golf course near you….

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Faithful liberals everywhere, rejoice! From out of Chicago, a savior has come!

The day of sorrow is no more. To the victor goes the spoils as thy food stamps awaits!

Despite such lofty achievements, may liberals everywhere remain humble in victory.

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