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Christopher Dorner: Liberal Extremist?


Photo credit: www.YoVenice.com (Creative Commons)

Imagine that a nominally liberal Black former cop and Naval Reservist (named Christopher Dorner) goes on a rampage against his previous employer, the Los Angeles Police Department, promising a one-man insurgency?

Sounds like a Blacksploitation movie plot, doesn’t it?

It’s real, and so are questions his manifesto raises.

His civil rights complaints and support of liberal mouthpieces like the infamous Piers Morgan prompts a disturbing question:

Should police departments monitor progressive police officers for fear they may become violently radical?

Christian constitutionalists have been on police and intelligence radars for years. With a liberal president in office, a blind spot may have developed regarding leftist extremists, especially American Black ones.

Black officers, as a group, come from very liberal communities. Anti-police and anti-White conditioning runs deep in these zip codes.

Our civil rights organizations, colleges, and political organizations all download anti-Establishment zealotry into young urban minds.

Are Black police immune to this programming?

The 1969 Black nationalist revenge novel “The Spook Who Sat By the Door” (also a 1973 movie) comes to mind.

A Black CIA officer uses his paramilitary skills to organize gangs to overthrow America because of racism.

I close with these final questions:

Is Christopher Dorner a real spook who sat by the door?

And, in the wake of rampant liberal programming of American Blacks since the sixties, is he the only one?


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Photo credit: www.YoVenice.com (Creative Commons)

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