Christie: Romney Should Release His Tax Returns ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is known for his straight talk and fearless rhetoric. This morning, Christie continued this trend when he appeared on NBC’s “Today” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and proclaimed that GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney should release his tax returns.

The governor, who endorsed Romney back in October, struck a balanced tone and said that it is “up to [Romney]” when he releases the returns. But Christie maintained that it is always more favorable for candidates to be as open and honest with the public as possible.

While highlighting his own record of disclosure, Christie essentially said that Romney would be better off releasing the tax returns immediately, rather than waiting until April.

“I would say if you have tax returns to put out, you know, you should put them out sooner rather than later,” Christie said.

Watch Christie‘s interview on NBC’s “Today”:

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