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I had the unpleasant surprise of stumbling across a number of tweets that were quite racist on the 4th of July. One such tweet was from black comic/actor Chris Rock. The tweet said that the “slaves weren’t free but enjoy the fireworks.” A number of other blacks or uber-liberals also tweeted some pretty vulgar stuff about our flag, our country, and whites. I guess it’s time for a little lesson in history.

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First of all, slavery was brought to this country by the British with the cooperation of several tribes in Africa. I know that it must come as a shock to all of you, but rival tribes would sell each other into slavery to the white men in boats. Apparently, one’s enemies in Africa become property to be sold, put into bondage, or even killed at the whims of whatever tribe conquered them. So the first step in the chain of slavery was facilitated by blacks themselves.

In America, if you read an HONEST history book (or books), you will discover that some blacks owned slaves themselves….black slaves. Our founding fathers knew that slavery was a blight on the United States, but the question became: how do you replace the economic reliance on slavery? Where do you get the labor in an agrarian society as replacements for who had been free to that point? Especially in the South with king cotton being such a labor-intensive product, how do you replace that system overnight?

Back then, those were legitimate questions. Ugly, yes, but nonetheless true. In 1861, a man named Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States and had enough reverence for God to disregard the common acceptance of slavery and decided to put an end to it. The question of slavery or no slavery was tearing the Union apart. Lincoln’s decision to end slavery would cost this nation over 600,000 dead, including Lincoln himself. Most of these dead were white! Lincoln had, however, before his death delivered an “Emancipation Proclamation” that started the process of freeing blacks.

The Ku KLUX Klan was formed out of remnants of Southern civil war survivors backed by the Democratic party. Yes, that’s right kiddies; it was the Democrats who intimidated, burned crosses, and killed blacks until Kennedy decided to get involved in civil rights. After Kennedy’s death, Lyndon Johnson picked up the Civil Rights Bll and signed it into law.  Johnson, by the way, when he was Senate Majority leader during the Eisenhower Administration, had BLOCKED civil rights legislation put forth by Eisenhower.

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There were white people who suffered injury and death standing alongside blacks in the South, fighting for your civil rights, Mr. Rock. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Robert Garrison and his lovely wife, Ruby, and talking to him about knowledge of something that intrigued me. He had been a Tuskeegee airmen, a Red Tail, a fighter pilot in World War II. His own country did not want him in the service of his country, but a whole bunch of very smart and determined black men not only became pilots but distinquished themselves for all of history.

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