Chris Matthews rips Obama as ‘elitist with teleprompter’


As Americans cast their ballots in the 2010 midterm elections, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, who famously said in 2008 he got a thrill up his leg when listening to President Obama speak, is now blasting the commander in chief as a teleprompter-dependent “elitist” who doesn’t listen to American citizens.

During a discussion with his network colleague Andrea Mitchell last night, Matthews analyzed the mistakes Obama has made during his time in office.

“Ever since he’s been president, he’s been elitist and he’s come with his teleprompter and he’s given his speech,” said Matthews. “He hasn’t listened. He’s talked at us rather than with us.”

He again reiterated the president’s dependence on the electronic device to deliver most of his speeches, lamenting “He actually does bring the teleprompter with him.”

Matthews contrasted today’s Obama with a different style during the 2008 race: “When he was a campaigner, he did nothing but talk about what a great country it is, what an exceptional country it is, ‘Because a guy like me can make it here, and only in a country like this can I have made it.’ He was patriotic, very inclusive and he was also very interactive in an interesting way.”

Matthews, who hosts “Hardball” on MSNBC was unrelenting in his analysis: “All the people care about is a 9 to 10 percent unemployment rate that’s not going down, middle-aged people are losing their jobs, they’re not finding them, and this guy’s out doing his pet projects. And they wonder why he isn’t their president, why he’s only his own president.”

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