Chris Matthews portrays GOP as anti-science


By Colleen Raezler, One News now


Chris Matthews SCChris Matthews apparently thinks the GOP is just one big bag of crazy.

MSNBC’s Hardball host challenged Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) on the Republican Party’s commitment to addressing climate change during the May 5 broadcast. Matthews claimed to Pence that the GOP is not passionate about environmentalism because, “There are people that really are against science in your party who really do question not just the science behind the climate change but the science behind evolutionary fact, that we were taught – you and I – in our biology books. They don’t accept the scientific method. They believe in belief itself.”

Matthews prefaced his argument with, “There are people on your side of the argument who believe that all the prehistoric bones we’ve discovered in this world, all the dinosaur bones and all that stuff was somehow planted there by liberal scientists to make the case against the Bible.”

Pence called Matthews’ argument “an interesting straw man” and a “caricature.”


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