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Choices We Face


Reality is the one truth of our existence. Reality sustains and nurtures us, calling us in ways unknown. There is another reality. A reality that speaks of higher truths. This reality exists within the realm of spirit. This reality only God knows and is for us to discover. He offers many choices in our lives. We can do as we want; but without following his guidance, we get lost in an insane world. It is difficult to discern what is the correct choice. We are easily lead astray from the intended path. Because we are granted free will, we have the ability to choose our path in life. By having free will, we can co-create our reality with God as the leader, and us the follower.

Multiple choices assail us daily. Each choice affects the next. Choices remain a mystery as we rarely realize their true effects until after they are made. There is a way to know the best choice. By actively listening to the small inner voice within, we will know what that best choice is. Sadly, we rarely listen to that voice. It gets crowded out by everyday activities. Yet if we choose to listen, the correct choice becomes clear.

Today, the USA is at a tipping point. We can go right or left, knowing there are dire consequences for the wrong choice. This past election, our country made a choice to go left. A choice that now haunts us. We see the USA fragmenting before us. By going left, the election created a rift that may never be healed.

Many voices were twisted in the name of God money. The rift was created by choosing to put money before God. Too many made a choice based on their desire to get something for nothing. They do not understand reality. God, by His very nature, seeks equilibrium in all things. Our current leader knows this. His design and that of his Master are poised to destroy all that we hold dear.

Their choice to sell their souls to Satan himself will forever damn them to a life of grief. They did this for what? Here then is the quandary of choice. Do they realize where their choice leads? No, they do not. Choosing the road of Satan and his minions leads to darkness and eventual death. Changes must be made before darkness overcomes us. Before the journey is irreversible and nothing remains. If not, freedom will die; and slavery will descend upon us. The bell of fate is tolling. Reality is changing and becoming unpredictable. What is our next journey? What we do next determines the fate of all we hold dear. The question is not what we do, but how soon we do it. The longer we wait, the further down the road to slavery we go.

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