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Chinese Spies: The Legacy of the Obama Administration


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week brought yet another reminder of the deceitfulness of the Chinese Communists. The people to whom Barack Obama has entrusted the fate of our nation are stealing the design secrets of what is left of our auto manufacturing base. And all the while Obama is borrowing more and more money from our “friends” in Beijing.

A legal Chinese alien who worked as a design specialist for Ford from 1997 to 2007 was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison and ordered to pay a $12,500 fine upon pleading guilty to two counts of stealing trade secrets.

“Mike” Yu was taken into custody at Chicago’s O’Hare airport when it was determined that he had copied 4,000 Ford design documents describing engine-transmission and electric power supply systems. Immediately after leaving Ford, Yu joined Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation.

Last summer, a Chinese couple was caught stealing hybrid engine secrets from General Motors when they attempted to sell them to a Chinese automaker. That General Motors is jointly owned by the Obama administration and the United Auto Workers Union cannot be overlooked in this case.

With the data in question worth an estimated $40 million at face value — and possibly many times that in potential worth to whomever possesses it — people must ask why it would be so easy to steal this information.

What security procedures are or were in place that made stealing this information so easy? Who was in charge of safeguarding this data? Who hired these people and why were they hired? Are there no loyal Americans who could have filled their positions?

The number of similar spying episodes involving Chinese operatives is alarming and growing. They range from the theft of engine designs to the components of chemical warfare.

The glaring message here is: The Chinese are Communists, and Communists steal and lie.

The question we should ask is: Why would we ever put ourselves at their mercy?

To contact your Congressional representative, use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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