China steps up Google service disruptions


The Chinese government appears to be be ramping up its conflict with Google, according to reports. As of Tuesday, Internet users in China who attempted to conduct Google searches via both computers and mobile devices received error messages.

Google Sign SC

Google and China have been at odds for two months after the company said would pull its Chinese-language search services out of China. Google cited concerns over censorship and after a hacking attack late in 2009 that originated from China spurred it to rethink its China strategy.

Last week, Google attempted to circumvent Chinese government by redirecting tens of millions of users in China to its uncensored server in Hong Kong. The former British colony is semi-autonomous and has greater freedoms. Google does not censor searches there. According to the Wall Street Journal, even the most benign searches

On Tuesday however, Internet users in China attempting to conduct Google searches via Google’s Hong Kong site received error messages. Even the most benign searches, such as the word “happy,” returned error prompts stating that the results could not be opened, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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