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Chicago “Chocolate Klansmen” Attack Gang Funeral


Places of worship were once off limits for even the most hardened criminals. Now, churches serve as targets of opportunity like the rest of the inner city.

Sadly, this sick trend is nothing new.

A recent Chicago funeral for a gang member witnessed an attack by rival “chocolate Klansmen” (my tern for inner city thugs), which killed one and wounded another, as attendees ran for their lives.

A Klan-style culture grips young Black men, urging them to terrorize their communities the same way the White Klan once did.

Their reign of terror is actually worse since their violence erupts among us, instead of commuted in from distant ethnic enclaves.

Mainstream Black institutions mother them, securing funding for programs and air time for apologies. All the inner city gets in return is more death and fear.

Outlawing gang affiliation is always hotly opposed by liberal spokespersons. They see chocolate Klansmen as a perverse civil rights cause. Their mistaken view asserts there’s a “right” to sell poison and murder inside the inner city.

These same liberal spokespersons don’t live in the affected areas, so their advocacy’s deadly consequences aren’t likely to harm them or their families.

Black flight assures chocolate Klansmen’s biggest boosters live far away from their rampages.

Chocolate Klansmen long ago declared war on Black America. Stakeholders can either do the same, by demanding maximum penalties for gang affiliation or by going a step further by organizing armed citizen patrols to displace chocolate Klan covens.

Armed Black citizen patrols would have one immediate, almost comical result: politicians and police falling over themselves to show how “well” they can can handle urban public safety once the specter of competition looms.

I suggest floating an armed Black citizen patrol idea. More cars and funds for gang suppression will magically materialize.

Government gets nervous when law abiding Black folks remember the Second Amendment, and state self-defense law includes us too.

I talk to brothers all the time who choose crime and addiction as responses to life. Thus far, affected communities suffer in silence punctuated by occasional candlelight vigils and marches.

In African countries, their chocolate Klansmen face episodic retaliation by outraged citizens. Yet another reason criminals born here can breathe a sigh of relief.

These same men I talk to should listen closely because the conversation one day may become how a mobilized community is using self-defense law to legally stop chocolate Klansmen.

The day the inner city tells apologists to shut up and social program lobbyists to quit trying will be a day of reckoning..

Perhaps the mere threat of armed Black citizen patrols and strategic self-defense law usage is what’s needed to make chocolate Klansmen end their inner city warfare?

Just food for thought while innocents in the inner city scurry for cover somewhere while this is typed. Faced with the same circumstances, our White sisters and brothers organize politically and privately to secure themselves.

Free people legally defend themselves against neighborhood menaces. Free includes Black people in the inner city, too.


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