Charts: ObamaCare in 5 Pictures


1. ObamaCare & Things the Federal Government Can’t Do – The left circle lists things ObamaCare does. The right circle lists things the federal government cannot do. The individual mandate? Both circles.


ObamaCare and Things the Federal Government Can't Do


2. You Can Keep Your Plan…as Long as It’s ObamaCare – President Obama repeatedly promised, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” And as long as your plan is ObamaCare, he’s right!


You Can Keep Your Plan as Long as It's ObamaCare
3. ObamaCare vs. Freedom – Americans should be free to make health care decisions based on what’s best for them and their families. ObamaCare takes that freedom away.


ObamaCare Takes Your Freedom Away from Making Health Care Decisions


4. This Is Your Economy on ObamaCare – Liberals used to claim that ObamaCare would create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The real question is, how many jobs will we lose?


This Is Your Economy on ObamaCare

5. What “Saving” $2,500 Looks Like in ObamaCare – President Obama promised his health care plan would “save the average family $2,500 on their premiums.” Can you find the savings?

What Saving Money on Health Care Looks Like in ObamaCare




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