CBS 2 Producer’s Exchange With Mark Kirk


CBS 2 found itself a topic on talk radio today. The issue: a question that one of our producers asked Republican Senate nominee Mark Kirk at a news conference on Monday. CBS 2 Political Producer Ed Marshall wanted Kirk to address issues beyond the failed Broadway Bank, owned by the family of his Democratic opponent, Alexi Giannoulias

Here is an excerpt of that exchange:

Marshall: “Channel 2’s made a decision. We’re really not going to cover the Senate race if it consistently, only in your terms, is about Broadway Bank. The bank’s been taken over by the government, Alexi’s been pilloried. Tell me: what is your campaign going forward? What are the issues that you are going to tell the voters why they should vote for you?”

Kirk: “The small business bill of rights to help out the number one employer in Illinois, which are small businesses…fiscal responsibility and integrity, led by the problem that we’re talking about right here, and then honesty in government.”

Kirk then continued on, discussing his campaign issues.

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