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Wait a minute, Your Eminence. “Properly regulated”?  What do you do when the regulators are the most anti-Catholic government in American history, who have repeatedly lied to Cardinal Dolan and his brother bishops and betrayed their trust? And what about the bipartisan Cronies who want to keep the party going?

Cardinal Dolan daintily spells it out at the end of his article, for those who have bothered to read that far: “the value of any economic system rests on the personal virtue of the individuals who take part in it, and on the morality of their day-to-day decisions.”

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There, he said it: amorality bad, morality good.

Really? “Any economic system?”

As usual, Aristotle said it best: good men can muddle through the worst of constitutions; but bad men can wreck the best of them.

Right now, a lot of bad men are doing their best to wreck our own Constitutional Republic. Perhaps Wall Street could ponder the Cardinal’s words, and decide whose side it’s on.

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