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Catholic Bishops Fight Back Against Obama’s Contraception Mandate


The Conference of Catholic Bishops has finally awakened and like Lazarus sprung to life at the call of righteousness. They have dug in their heels and are ready to defy Obama on his abortion plan: Better late than never.

Three years ago the nation’s Catholic bishops followed their tired old “we can’t get involved in politics” 501 (C3) inspired rule of not saying anything political. They feared the loss of the Church’s tax exemption- as if ANY administration even a Democrat administration would have the nerve to take it away.

The Catholic bishops watched Obama and Democrats not only campaign, but solicit and accept money inside Black Baptist Churches and said nothing.

They watched more than half of their folk vote for a man they knew in their hearts would someday turn his venomous hatred for Christianity on the Catholic Church.

Two years ago the nation’s Catholic Bishops stood by and watched as demented nuns and phony “Catholic” philosophers told us Obamacare was actually a pro-life bill. They refused to excommunicate lying Catholic politicians who publicly “cooperated” with the evil of abortion.

Now, finally the Bishops have come up fighting and identified Obamacare as a serious threat to Catholic religious freedoms.

The bishops are asking Catholics to help put an end to the section of Obamacare which will require all employers even those whose consciences will not allow it, to provide abortion and contraception coverage in their employee health insurance plans. They are demanding Obama back down. They are going “all in” against Obama and starting to rally Catholics for the fight of our lives.

Since Obama can’t or won’t back down this is the irresistible force versus the Democrats’ “movable” object – they will fold. If even a small number of Catholics respond it will be a political upheaval that will make 2010 look like a normal adjustment.

Republicans can and have won without the Catholic vote – George Bush did in 2000. Democrats, however, cannot win without the Catholic vote.  If the bishops can cut the Democrats Catholic vote by 5% and other Faiths can do likewise the Democrats will look back at 2010 as the “good old days.”

Welcome to the fight Catholic bishops we need your leadership.

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