Capitalist Piglets Occupy Capitalist Pigs


Now answer this question honestly: Are we educating a generation of brainwashed morons or not? The answer is You Bet! And I can prove it with facts we all know.

The most exciting “movement” on the left these days is the Occupy movement, which has been proven to be a total fake, like lip-synching rock songs by The Monkeys. But it doesn’t matter, because kids who live their lives on twitter will never find out.

It’s not that they aren’t educated for 16 boring years, it’s just that everything they think they know is false. America today has a Gulag alright, but it’s all the university campuses where lies are taught as truth. And understanding the world upside-down could be a real handicap in life. Fortunately, the kids will never notice it until they get a job. So far they’ve gotten “free” money all their lives.

Occupy Wall Street and its little copycat “movements” were staged by David Axelrod’s PR buds and funded by Soros organizations.

But they only went to the trouble because they are idealistic and well-meaning, of course, not because Obama cronies like Solyndra can make off with half a billion dollars from the sucker taxpayers, based on non-existent “solar technology.”

After all, if Solyndra were any good, venture capitalists would be beating a path to its door and it wouldn’t need taxpayers’ money. But people with their own money to lose wouldn’t touch Solyndra. So Obama, with his profound understanding of energy physics, figured that it was a good bet for the Feds to pour money into Solyndra.

And besides, those Solyndro-Crats were giving him money for Four More Years.

Fair’s fair. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Now suppose you are an Occupy Kid, living in Jacuzzi Park (ok, ok, I know) for a couple of weeks, where free copulation, outdoor street toilets, phony Street Theater, psychedelic drugs, flattering attention by the national media, and warm praise from Obama on down can be had — for nothing at all.

All you have to do is take the subway from your wealthy Upper West Side parents’ home down to Wall Street and live off the free meals, tents, and police protection that compassionate liberals are providing from all over the country.

What a deal, eh? In exchange, you simply chant slogans in front of the national media, like “Kill Capitalism!” and “We’re the 99%!”

Now here’s the bottom line: This whole circus is put on purely by Evil Capitalist Corporations.

David Axelrod, the spontaneous street mob organizer for Obama, is himself a wealthy Capitalist Running Dog. All of Obama’s good friends are billionaires, including Bill Ayers. How do you get to be a billionaire in Chicago? By playing nice with the Chicago Machine.

And yet millions of liberals voted for Obama because he was so obviously honest and sincere. And a foe of capitalism!

Swear to God.

All the universities teaching “Marxist Revolution 2012” to empty-headed kids have vast capitalist investments for their endowments, plus huge streams of Federal funding paid by capitalist taxpayers, plus the highest tuition fees in human history — all paid by the capitalist parents of the capital-sucking students who are protesting Capitalism on Wall Street.

And oh yes, their idealistic Marxist professors are paid their fabulous salaries by the capitalists of the US economy and they never, ever, forget to deposit their checks into the closest capitalist bank.

Karl Marx said that history repeats, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. But I’ll bet that even Marx could never in his wildest dreams have thought that his “philosophy” would turn into a fake of a fake of a fake of a revolution of the oppressed masses against themselves.

It’s the Capitalist Piglets against the Capitalist Pigs!

It only hurts when I laugh.


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