Can Web Innovation Save Media?


Recently, we have seen magazines run out of business due to low readership and a failing economy. While some industries and media outlets have yet to fully adapt to digital media, there are many more who are getting ahead of the curve. To do so, they’re reinventing their brands and adapting to the digital trend through social media and digital tools. They are developing new ways to host and produce content that is not only accessible, but also appealing to viewers and users of all ages.

Typically, we think mainstream media is clunky and not digitally savvy – and for a while, this was true. Major news outlets were late adopters to the digital trend, and it has shown for many of them. Still, The New York Times is a top social influencer. It’s now clear how they quickly adapted to new technologies to innovate and reinvent the art of journalism and reporting. We’ve studied the top media outlets from our social media influencer report – CNN, The New York Times, and NPR – to see what they’re doing to stay ahead of the curve.

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