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Can we beat Obama? Latest Gallup numbers say “Yes we can!”


Remember just two weeks ago when the media and even many conservative pundits flatly proclaimed Obama’s BIG victory in the payroll tax cut showdown had handed him a BIG edge going into an election year?  If you do you are in the minority. The American people were not fooled.

New Gallup survey numbers tell us a Georgia State Judge’s ruling that Barack Obama is not legible to be president as per Georgia law, may end up being a merciful death to his reelection plans.

In early December Obama’s Gallup survey approve/disapprove numbers were 43/50. His BIG victory just before Christmas got him to 45/47. Immediately after the BIG victory he’s back down to 42/49.

Not only are these numbers bad, they become still worse when broken down into individual voter categories.

Obama’s approval among his “MUST have” core groups is dangerously low. Blacks give him an 83% rating and Hispanics, just 46%.

These numbers are made far worse in light of Gallup’s own recent survey of enthusiasm that set “non-White” enthusiasm at just 31%.

Keep in mind Obama got 65% of Blacks to vote 97% for him in 2008.

When viewed by region, Obama is only above water in the heavily Democrat East; but then there is the enthusiasm question again.

The stroke for Obama might be the further erosion in his support from the 65+ voters who only lukewarmly backed him in 2008. Gallup’s numbers show this group’s support for his reelection to have fallen to 41%, a scary figure considering grandma and grandpa always vote.

Obama does have an edge in the Eastern states, but even his small cushion there comes with a cautionary note.

Over the last several months surveys have shown Obama “underwater” in New York New Jersey and Connecticut which is a severely bad sign. Does this mean he will lose these states? Of course not, but it does mean he will have to spend time and money in them – something he wasn’t planning on doing.

Current state by state projections show a potential for a 355 Electoral vote landslide loss for Obama.

Over the coming months we will hear the pundits tell us we can’t beat Obama. Gallup’s say “Yes we can!”

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By Kevin “Coach” Collins, Coach is Right

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