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Can one be a true Democrat and a true Christian?


Democrats are fond of a few positions concerning religion. They like to claim that there is no way for politics and religion to mix unless it mixes in a church full of  Democrat supporters. Another favorite line is that anyone who points to Democratic attacks on religion is either unqualified to do so or a wild-eyed Evangelical bible-thumper.

As a life-long Christian, I am qualified to point to the Democrats and challenge their Christianity. Democrats: get over yourself about this.

Democrats use their surrogates in the ACLU to attack religion (except Islam, which they are too frightened of to go after) in general and Christianity in particular.

It was Democrats who passed Obamacare, and it is Democrats who are using it to bludgeon Christians into changing our principles to suit Democrat principles. No other political Party has ever assaulted religious freedom as Democrats are doing today.

Democrats include those who worship “Mother Earth” and prefer “GOV” over GOD every time. Christians do not.

Find a true believer in the Democrat Party, and you’ll find a person not concerned about “Honoring Thy Father and Thy Mother.” Democrats are intent on tearing down everything preceding generations have done and stand for. That’s because they constantly appeal to ignorant children who think history started the day they turned ten. What is Christian about organized disrespect for tradition and the ways of life that have made America great?

Democrats’ love of death – killing innocent babies- is an essential secular sacrament for these people.  Belief in abortion from the morning after pill to Barack Obama’s idea to let miracle abortion survivors die on stainless steal tables is required to be a good Democrat.  The thought of such thing revolts Christians.

Lying about EVERYTHING they wish to do to our country is part of being a good Democrat. Democrats cannot tell the truth about their socialist plans for us because they know they would never be elected if they did. Being a liar is a requirement for being a good Democrat, but it makes you a bad Christian.

Coveting the goods of others is a lynch pin of the Democrats’ appeal to their base. Saying things like “He only has that because he cheated” or “He won life’s lottery; vote for us and we’ll get you your fair share” keeps those addicted to their psychologically crippling social programs under Democrat control the same way a drug dealer controls his junkies. There is nothing Christian about any of what Democrats have to offer.

The Democrat idea of progress is adding more and more people to Welfare and Food Stamp rolls. The Christian position is to get people on their feet and away from government handouts.

What’s Christian about being a good Democrat? Not much.

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