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Can Obama Buy 2012?


by Basil Irwin

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A good friend who also happens to be quite conservative recently wrote me repeating the commonly accepted leftist propaganda that “Americans don’t want the jobs illegals take.”

In my opinion, Americans would be quite happy with a lot of those jobs were their wages not artificially depressed by an unlimited supply of illegal foreign labor. I could easily see a large number of currently unemployed American youngsters being quite happy to receive $20 an hour to work in the fields and packing houses, assuming they received no food stamps, no unlimited unemployment benefits, no welfare, no Section 8 housing, no free cell phones, and no “free” medical care. If they actually had to earn everything they spent, they would be quite aware of the magnitude of the money stolen from their paychecks by the feds and the state, which means we would have many more conservative voters.

Then again, that is the whole point of those taxpayer giveaways and unlimited supplies of illegal peasant labor: fostering a permanent class of socialist voters dependent upon Uncle Sam.

I have come to the conclusion that all federal spending programs of any sort ultimately amount to vote-buying schemes of one fashion or another, because the recipients come to depend on that money. This is true whether it is entitlement payments, federal salaries and benefits, money wasted on farm and ethanol subsidies, “green” energy scams, money given away to “nonprofit” programs, education spending, or federal contracts. Every one of those spending programs results in a class of voters dependent upon federal largesse, and every one of those classes will be lobbying to keep their pet handouts — although they may rail against all other programs.

It is inevitable that the whole shebang will soon come crashing down, because not enough people will be working to supply the goods, services, and taxes consumed by the majority of the non-working moochers and leeches. Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to give away, even magic money created by the Fed from thin air. (In that case, technically you do not run out of money, but it steadily loses its value as its supply approaches infinity.)

Either way, the party is over, and the hangover is going to hurt like Hell.

The only real question is when does the party end? We know that it will end, since no matter who is in Congress the majority will never have the will to rein in any of their vote-buying schemes and that at least a couple trillion more magic bucks will have to be borrowed from the Fed every year to keep those schemes afloat.

So, when will things come screeching to a halt then? My guess is in about 2-3 years.

This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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