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Can Mitt Romney Reach Christians?


Framing the election to Christians around Mitt Romney For President is a mistake from my perspective. Steve Deace and Matt Barber both have it “Framed Wrong” in my judgment; barring a miracle, the Romney campaign political triangulation strategy gets him killed with Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics.

Voter guides and endorsements are tremendous, but do not drive-out Christian voters.

That said, the Evangelical/Pro-Life Catholic Christian constituency must be pushed-out into the political theatre this cycle, and Romney has ZERO capacity to do that.

If Christians engage (“if”, in 2008 Obama won by 10M votes and an estimated 30M Evangelicals stayed home) I believe, when the choice in the voting booth is Obama or Romney, 90% of  the constituency will pull the lever for Romney. President Obama has forfeited his right to lead a free people.

…but Romney has no ability to actuate Christians this Fall; actually he’s a detriment, Christians when listening to Romney speak will conclude, “…he has the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esau.”.

I’m working on a plan to move Christians this election and finesse Romney’s inability to help himself within the Christian constituency.

The reason that moving Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics this fall is critical is —besides your premonition, “Assures us of Obama……..and the end of America……..thus the end of Western Civilization”— the consequences of losing the conservative “Farm Team” of Mayors, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, etc…, nationwide, because Christians stay home on November 6th.

…which has after-effects for 20-30 years down the road and the continuation of our Judeo Christian heritage and Christian culture being demolished brick by brick.

Freedom and political combat are not for sissies, Winston Churchill said, “Statesmen are not called upon to settle easy questions. It is where the balance quivers, and the proportions are veiled in mist, that the opportunity for world-saving decisions presents itself.”

I mean, for crying out loud, Romney’s making it as difficult as possible for us; two months ago he is announced on Thursday as the Keynote of the Commencement Address at Liberty University, then on Friday he names radical, homosexual activist, and homosexual marriage proponent Richard Grenell as his Foreign Policy Spokesman…

Then last month following the Tuesday vote to ban same-sex marriage by North Carolina voters, Obama endorses homosexual marriage on Wednesday, on Thursday Mitt Romney juxtaposes his position to President Obama’s by endorsing traditional marriage (that’s good), but on Friday, to exacerbate his problem with Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics, Governor Romney reaffirms, with neon lights flashing, his support for homosexual couples adopting children. I suppose the correct Christian response could be, “what the hell is he smoking”.

…the differentiation is then not between a Christian and a Mormon, but the moral and immoral.

The strategy of political triangulation, exhibited from 2000-2008 in the Republican quest for political domination (instead of principled beliefs based upon conviction and moral absolutes) destroyed Ronald Reagan’s legacy, and the Republican brand of:

  • limited government
  • lower taxes
  • deregulation of business
  • the-one-thing-government-can-do-for-me-is-leave-me-alone

It’s instructive to note that President Reagan won 49 States in his 1984 re-election campaign and then left the Presidency in 1988 to George H.W. Bush. It’s my view that the political triangulation strategy cost Republicans control of the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and in the end lost the Presidency.

Einstein’s definition of insanity belongs here, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

…from my distance, an ad hoc effort to push the Evangelical/Pro-Life Catholic constituencies into the marketplace is foremost, of highest priority, in the battle for the Soul of America.

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