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Calling Off Impeachment is Premature, a Bad Sign of Republican Weakness


by Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown, Chairman of ImpeachObamaCampaign.com, called Republican Congressman Darrell Issa’s recent comments on Impeachment “premature” and a “bad sign of Republican weakness” in the upcoming Congress.

Brown, who is calling on Congress to Impeach Obama for crimes committed while in office, said it is disappointing for the future chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee to rule out any course of action before he has even begun his investigations.

According to a report by CBS News, Representative Issa said about impeachment on Bloomberg’s “Political Capital” over the weekend, “Not a chance at this point. I don’t see it happening…Look, disagreeing with the president — the president using his authority, maybe even misusing it — that’s not what impeachment’s for,” Issa added. “Do we have disagreements? Yes. Do we want to see that the president strictly adheres to process? Yes.”

But with the facts at hand, Brown clearly points out and makes the case for at least four impeachable offenses Barack Obama committed while president of the United States: “The Obama administration has been mired in controversy and corruption since day one.  Bribes were offered to Congressman Joe Sestak and former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff not to run for Senate. This is a felony and clearly an impeachable offense.”

“Inspector General of the Corporation for National Community Service, Gerald Walpin, was fired by Obama in a desperate attempt to cover up the corruption in a grant given to Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. Firing a government whistleblower uncovering corruption is an impeachable offense.”

“The Obama Administration’s mishandling of the Black Panther voter intimidation case deserves more investigation.  And if orders came from the White House to squelch the investigation for political reasons, then this could be an impeachable offense.”

“The covert propaganda efforts of the Obama administration including the hiring and internet postings by Tracy Russo to discredit Obama opponents are illegal and may be an impeachable offense.”

Brown concluded, “it is irresponsible for any investigator to predict outcomes before the work has been done. Frankly, I have been impressed with Congressman Issa’s diligence up until these latest comments. I can only hope that they are the words of a politician currying favor with the slavishly Obama supporting left-wing media.”

Several members of the media, including The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait, have predicted the new Congress will impeach Obama.


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