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Call It A Gift or A Correction: It’s Coming!


It could be my age or my deepening conservatism, but the first Tuesday of next month is more important this year than reaching legitimate senior status when I turned sixty last March. In fact, I haven’t felt this excited about an election since I was a kid looking forward to Christmas morning.

The gift I am hoping and praying for this year will be presented by the American electorate. I am counting on them to deliver just like Santa did in the days of old. Excluding myself, I believe there are enough voters across America in the right places who don’t have the uncontrollable urge to speak out publicly or express their opinions about a lot of things, least of all matters political in nature.  These are quiet, private men and women who see no value in making known their personal political or religious beliefs. They go about their daily business and toil without shooting off their mouths like I do. They exercise great restraint of the tongue and rarely express themselves beyond a friendly greeting or engaging in conversations about news, weather, and sports. They may gladly offer advice if you ask for it, but they’re not likely to volunteer it. I admire that.  On the internet, these quiet observers are known as lurkers.  They watch in silence, and they don’t participate in election polls.

There are millions of such citizens. They are scattered throughout heartland of America in places like Kansas, Montana, Iowa, or the Dakotas and in countless small, quiet towns that speckle our national map. They are hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic Americans who love this country and recognize the disarray and chaos that occupies the White House. They’re not buying it anymore, and they will let that be known on November 6, 2012.

Clichés like stereotypes become broadly known and repeated because they have some elements of truth to them. The tall, lanky Illinois lawyer who became the sixteenth executive to live and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue uttered many common sense phrases but none more prophetic as “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The third and final segment of this often-overused quote sums up with elegant simplicity why BHO will be removed from the Office of the President by a significant majority of popular and electoral votes. The fraud who now calls himself Barack Hussien Obama succeeded in accomplishing what Mr. Lincoln acknowledged possible by misleading and fooling hoards of loyal followers for nearly half a decade, but that is about to come to a glorious and welcome end.

You can take all the proclaimed scientific polls and throw them out the window. There are simply too many variables and uncontrollable circumstances to make any sample realistic or reliable. Even the most current surveys that show Mitt Romney only slightly ahead of BHO are incorrect. The only poll that counts will happen in just a couple of weeks. On that day, Americans who do not call themselves either liberal or conservative will decide who will be our next president, and his initials are not BHO.

Four years ago, that same block of commonsense voters thought it was time for a black president. He projected enough sincerity and ideals, and sufficient numbers bought his story while concurrently disregarding his inexperience, murky past, and questionable association with a bevy of unsavory characters. Despite the blind allegiance of certain minorities and vocal opposition from the hard right, this decisive segment of voters thought it reasonable to give this unknown a chance to prove himself.  They now recognize that he has woefully fallen short of what they expected he might be capable of doing. They gave him the benefit of the doubt which has, for the past four years, evolved into unquestionable failure; and they are well aware of it.

The people who decide the major political contests in this country are not unlike the droves of individuals and investment houses that drive the stock market. It’s really not very different.  There are huge numbers of professionals who make their entire living expending countless hours analyzing past trends while attempting to predict future performance. They are rarely able to either project or explain sudden ups or downs in security prices except to dismissively designate them as market corrections.  Such so-called corrections are a result of an enigmatic combination of fight or flight emotions sprinkled with a self-serving dash of common sense.

A correction usually comes about when both buyers and sellers realize that there has been some artificial force at play that is most typically continuing to drive prices up. No one knows the point where genuine value ends and inflation begins, but there is some unspoken understanding that price increases cannot continue upwardly at a constant rate without any logical financial basis for doing so; hence the connotation that a certain stock is deemed overvalued. Simply put, it is not worth what people are paying for it and when potential buyers or present owners realize that, there is often a whole sale sell off in order to free one’s self from continuing to hold something that no longer has the value it once had.  The desire to free one’s self from a particular security is also steeped in the certain expectation that there will ultimately and eventually be an equally impressive decline in value as widespread divestment occurs.

It is time for a political correction in America. Just like investors, many voters speculated that BHO would be good for this country but they now realize he has become grossly overvalued. They initially valued his promise of hope and change as a reasonable offer for correcting all that was supposedly wrong with the U.S.A. four years ago when this unknown, young black senator from Illinois suddenly appeared on the scene.  Not unlike an initial public offering for a newly minted corporate stock, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation on the front end but unless the hype meets performance its value will plummet often significantly beneath the original asking prices as demand dissipates.

The need for change was not something BHO had to extoll to the American people back then. They were already weighing the virtues of  change on the heels of eight years of President Bush, preceded by four years of executive residence by his father before President Clinton’s two terms. There was also not a meeting of the minds between candidate BHO and the American public. His concept of change has proven to be something completely different from that envisioned by a significant number of his former supporters.  The balance of his support is from his pop star, minority infused persona that he has so successfully capitalized upon.

Like the one term allotted to George H.W. by the electorate, along with eight other presidents before him, BHO will soon join that non-elite club of U.S. executives who spent only four years in the oval office. Each time this has happened in American history, there has been a glaringly obvious and widespread unrest and dissatisfaction among the electorate at large concerning one looming issue or the incumbent was not eligible to serve another term.  BHO is of course facing the former with his failed and non-existent domestic and foreign policies.

In 1980 when Jimmy Carter was denied a second term in favor of Ronald Reagan it was also unsuccessful economic and international policies. Voters rejected a foreign policy of appeasement and weak diplomacy. Anyone with an inkling of common sense understands that you cannot spend more than you take in. Similarly they recognize that placating and appeasing our avowed enemies without limitation or consequences is a dismal failure. These same people are willing to accept a certain degree of big (federal) government under the right circumstances like Medicare or Social Security but they will not tolerate or accept an unfettered incursion on their freedoms or beliefs.

Gerald Ford might have defeated Carter’s bid if not for the political reality that the populace was still fed up with the Republican party and the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration. President Ford was also an anomaly because he rose to the highest office in the land by appointment and Senate confirmation following the disgrace ridden resignation of former Vice President Spiro Agnew. Gerald Ford became the first, (and so far, the only), individual to be President who was not elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency. He was never selected by the very electorate who later denied him the privilege of remaining in office. He was also the reluctant candidate and America knew it.

BHO is a goner. He will be resoundingly defeated on the first Tuesday of next month which will surprise a lot of people. Those who will not be surprised like political author, former advisor and campaign director to President Clinton, Dick Morris understand why and how this will happen. Despite his less than stellar record of predicting election outcomes, he was among the earliest to publicly state that BHO would not serve a second term. His reasoning is not entirely the same as mine but  a lot of time and events have transpired since that March 2011 prediction including the appearance and growing popularity of candidate Romney.  Although a lot of recent unpopular press is being filtered by the selective liberal media, enough is getting through to those who will consider it as part of their presidential preference.

We humans are basically pretty simple creatures.  We just don’t like to admit it. We often sit in the same place in public and private places. We follow the same routes of travel to our regular destinations. We like routine and regularity. We prefer predictability in lieu of surprises and the unknown. When we don’t have to expend time or energy on daily mundane tasks, our lives are easier and less stressful. It goes without saying that the BHO administration has caused interminable stress in the form of partisan politics and orchestrated divisiveness. His legacy will be class warfare and the revival of racial tension in America.  The Office of President should not be fraught with so much tension and controversy concerning the execution of its duties and privileges.   The voting public has however expressed its tolerance of personal misbehavior and sexual shenanigans so long as the person in office is minding the store and still getting the job done.  Conversely, Americans don’t care much for anyone who can’t perform the duties they were selected to execute regardless of how hip, slick and cool they appear to be.

The human characteristics of routine and rational discernment make up the moderate middle of the American electorate. Although they will readily give an underdog a chance, they also promptly recognize ineptitude and incompetence as easily as raindrops on a kitchen window in the face of sunshine. They cannot and will not ignore the obvious. Whether you call them swing voters or independents, they have too much common sense coupled with a simple understanding of how things are supposed to work to ignore the obvious.  They’re not stupid or lazy.  Fortunately for those among us who do not miss an opportunity to communicate our pointless opinions and expressions of disgust or outrage, this quiet majority is in control and will do what needs to be done just as sure as they would close an open front door on a cold and frosty night.

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