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For those of us that have been watching the evolution of California’s “Bullet Train” Project, mercifully, the end is near for this taxpayer boondoggle. If you have not kept up here, the Bullet Train was passed off to the voters a few years ago as a $10 billion solution to California’s unemployment & transportation problems. A miracle which would not only pay for itself with massively overstated ridership, but would create thousands of jobs and lift the entire state out of the recession by connecting Los Angeles to San Fransisco. President Obama even agreed to help pay for almost $4 billion of the work! Who could possibly be against such a wonderful event? Heck, this train would even solve the pesky problem of Climate Change – a top priority of the environmentalist-owned Democratic super-majority in the state legislature.

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This train would literally get everyone out of their cars. Or so Governor Jerry Brown would have you believe. In fact, it turns out to be yet another complete fabrication of truth on all levels. The newest cost was recently revised upwards to 98 BILLION DOLLARS. Almost TEN times the original estimate. How could this happen? It turns out this type of number crunching is now the “new normal” for the Left. Doubt me? Just notice how Obamacare has now gone from saving us money to ballooning to almost 2 Trillion dollars. And if they can trot out numbers that are double, triple…heck, even TEN TIMES the original estimate, who are we to complain? It is the classic case of letting the camel get his nose under the tent. Once that happens, it is too late. It turns out that’s all the Left wants. Enough time for the ink to dry on the government loans before declaring bankruptcy a la Solydra. Get the unions working. Then the project is “too Big To Fail.”

Now Governor Brown has just come out with a newly revised downward estimate in an effort to get the legislature to quickly authorize funds to break ground before the people know what happened. He is now telling us the project will now cost $28 BILLION LESS with his brilliant new design. Only Alice in Wonderland could believe his new numbers, which are still SIX TIMES more than the voters approved.

But that is exactly my point here. California politics has come to this: the voters are faced with some of the highest taxes overall in the entire nation – yet this coming November, they will willingly vote to approve even more! And they will willingly vote all their Democratic legislators another term while booting out a few more of the almost extinct Republicans. They are pretty much tied with the highest sales tax, yet they will vote for more. The Governor will tell them that they are voting for a tax on Millionaires, yet they are actually voting to tax those making $100,000 on up. The voters, being finished products of the prevailing school system, no longer think before they vote. The peer pressure to vote Democratic is severe. Environmentalism is the official state religion. Yet, even in California, the voters actually approved Proposition 8, which would have outlawed same sex marriage- only to be undone by a gay activist judge who struck the law down as unconstitutional. The voters are confused and agitated while too lazy to do their own thinking.

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